Great piece. I had Postman in my head from the start.

Honestly. Perhaps much of modern 'culture' really is just a storm in a teacup amongst people who have little better to do?

The question is: what do we, the exhausted people, do about it?

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Re "Imagine thinking every single Trump supporter is going to be exercised about a company changing its menu?"

I dunno. I'm a hell of a lot less of a Trump supporter these days than almost anyone else who's ever written for American Greatness, and I'M pretty upset to hear about this. If we have to accept all the vicious nonsense that Trumpism has degenerated into, at least I'd like to hope that it kept the damned vegans out of Cracker Barrel! A society with both the John Eastman memo and meatless sausage at Cracker Barrel is a worst-of-both-worlds dystopia.

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